Grandview Vans

Charlie Ferguson, Ricky Matter and Carter Taylor 02.06.2020

A battle between two iconic vans at GHHS to see which one is the ultimate cruising machine.


Ricky Matter and Jack Freeman 3.12.2020

Jack, Ricky and friends take you to one of their lunchtime favorites in Upper Arlington. Learn about the Chef-o-Nette food and take a look inside the place.

GHHS Parking

Trey Cook and Zack Taylor 03.11.2020

This video investigates the current parking disaster at Grandview Heights High School. It is due to the construction of a new middle school building.

Roblox Parks

Trey Cook and Zach Taylor 03.6.2020

Trey and Zach really enjoy playing Roblox. In this video they play Amusement Park Tycoon and give us a tour of their creations.