The Bobcat! 1945 Edition

Senior English 3.28.1945
Here is the original front page of the 1945 spring edition of The Bobcat (Photo: Ricky Matter).

This is the first edition of The Word Throwback! We have copies of The word dating back to 1944. Today, we are looking at an edition of The Bobcat from March 28th, 1945. Here is a snippet from The Bobcat about dating etiquette in 1945. Certainly very different from today! This story is taken word for word from the 1945 spring edition of The Bobcat. These articles contain phrases or ideals that are not appropriate and wouldn’t be published by The Word today. This is a historical document that is a reflection of the time period.


Attention, Betty Bobby Socks and Joe Sharp!!! Do you know how to act on a date or are you a wet blanket? Why not read the following article and decide? All the ideas for this article were taken from themes written by the senior English classes on their “ideal.’

THE IDEAL BOY: First of all the ideal boy must be considerate. Of course he can’t be a “sissy,” but he should at least have some manners. We girls also request that we get some attention from our escort while on a date. Nothing makes us angrier than to get dressed up and then have our date pay compliments to everyone but us. Second on most of the lists was a sense of humor. After all we don’t want another Ned Sparks! It isn’t much fun to go out with a boy who won’t laugh at anything. A sense of humor can be carried too far, however, and a “silly” boy is just as bad as one without any sense of humor at all. We also like an all around boy. That is one who takes part in everything. If the boy liked football, that's fine; but it would get awfully tiresome hearing about football and nothing else. We also like a boy who doesn’t step all over our feet while dancing. Next comes personal appearance. We like a boy who is at least neat and clean about his clothes. He doesn’t have to be particularly good looking, but we won’t complain if he resembles Van Johnson.

THE IDEAL GIRL: We boys want a girl with good manners and knowledge of how to dress. We don’t care for a girl who wears “hose’n heels” on a picnic. A girl who is loud and noisy never makes a good impression on us. We like to know she is there, but there are certainly other means than these which can be used. We boys like a girl who has a good personality. A girl who talks about other people in a catty manner just advertises that she has nothing better to talk about, and we like a girl with a little intelligence. We think a girl should decide where to go-with a little consideration for our pocketbook, how-ever. The first time we call for a girl we don’t want to be left alone with her parents. It just seems at this particular time we are at a loss for words. We agree with the girls on neatness. A girl should be be clean and neat about her clothes. Her hair and hands should be well groomed. Most certainly she should be able to dance. If she has all of the above qualities then when we say goodnight, we can truly say we’ve had a mellow time!


U.S. Air Force Boeing B-52 Stratofortress at Andersen Air Force Base, Guam, 1966 (Photo: National Museum of U.S. Air Force).

It is said that a photographer will do anything for the purpose of getting a picture, but Harold Davidson overdid it when he decided to take some pictures of ”Serenade In Blue” at the Lockbourne Army Air Base. Taking pictures inside an Air Base is a penitentiary offense and also carries a heavy fine. After Harold had taken several flashbulb pictures, Military Police entered the scene with a warning that the film must not leave the field and that it must be turned over to the Army Developing Laboratories. After the film is developed and the F.B.I. find nothing of military importance, the enlargements are to be forwarded to Harold. If during the next month or so, Harold suddenly drops out of the picture, you will know that by some odd coincidence a picture of the wrong-type has turned out. Harold says, “spies certainly must lead a hard life.”