Francisco Lindor Trade

Johnny Clark 11.12.2021
Fransico Lindor did swing at the baseball and staring at the ball he just hit as it travels out of the park for a homerun. (Erik Drost).

On January 7, 2021 Francisco Lindor was traded to the New York Mets. The Mets acquire SS Francisco Lindor and RHP Carlos Carrasco. Cleveland acquired SS Andres Gimenez, SS Amed Rosario, OF Isaiah Greene and RHP Josh Wolf. These are big losses for Cleveland. They have acquired some young talent but they can’t replace Lindor and Carrasco.

Cleveland had to trade them because their payroll is down $40 million dollars. It had been rumored that Lindor was going to leave after his contract was up. The New York Mets have won this trade with Fransico Lindor and Carlos Carrasco; they have a starting shortstop and a great pitcher. They are a great team with these two big ads on their team.

It will be a hard loss for Cleveland; they will have to start over with what they have. There have also been rumors that they will trade Jose Ramirez in the near future but nothing official has been said yet. The Cleveland Indians are going to have a tough time finding a replacement for Lindor in the shortstop position. It will be a tough year without Lindor leading the team. The Indians will have to find their next all star for their team. Lindor and Carrasco have reached the playoffs four out of the five seasons.

This will be a big add for the New York Mets and it will speed up the rebuilding process. The Mets starting lineup should look something like this. 1. Jeff McNeil LF, 2. Francisco Lindor SS, 3. Michael Conforto RF, 4. Dom Smith DH*, 5. Pete Alonso 1B, 6. Brandon Nimmo CF, 7. J.D. Davis 3B, 8. James McCann C, 9. Luis Guillorme 2B. This could be a pretty good starting lineup for the Mets.

Lindor getting ready to take infield before the game starts and smiling about to get ready to recieve the baseball that is being thrown to him (Arturo Pardavila III).

“More than that, Lindor is one of the game’s most charismatic young players, with marketing potential extending well beyond the foul lines. Although Lindor can become a free agent after the season, the Mets intend to at least attempt to sign him to an extension.”(Anthony DiComo). He will likely sign an extension for the Mets and he will likely stay on the Mets.

“Frankly stated, we're having "negotiations" because team owners are foisting them upon the players. The 2021 season is already covered in full by the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), which is the negotiated document that governs every aspect of the labor-management relationship in MLB” (Mike Axisa).

So the extensions should be happening at any time. "We acquired Francisco because of his present ability and the possibility that he could be a Met long term. There's no guarantee of that. It's something we will approach in the next few weeks," Alderson said (ESPN News Services). The Mets have definitely won this trade. The Indians have lost this trade and have lost their star player. It will always be hard for the smaller cities to get star players. It will alway be easier for the bigger cities to get the player they want. It is the art of major league sports.