Indians Logo Controversy

John Clark 10.16.2020
Lindor celebrating with teammates.

The Indians logo is a very controversial topic. The Washington pro football team logo was recently removed from the NFL. So is the Cleveland Indians logo next? Why do people want to keep it and why do people want the logo gone? There are alot of different opinions on this topic. All we can do is give facts. The reader can decide what is the right thing to do.

The Indians logo goes back a long time ago. There are lots of different logos they used for Chief Wahoo. He has been changed over the years. When the Indians went to the World Series in 2018 there was a movement to ban the use of the Chief Wahoo logo. The players aren’t allowed to wear the Chief Wahoo anymore. They now don’t wear the logo at all, they just have the name. They can have the name on the jersey but will that be removed as well. This has been a major topic for years. The Cleveland team had talked about changing their logo to the spiders.

This used to be their logo a long time ago. The spider is a serious logo for the future for Cleveland fans and could be the next logo in line . Cleveland fans really like the Cleveland logo; they don’t really want to change the logo. Chief Wahoo has been a very popular logo even with all the controversy. Fans still seem to love the logo and will back it up.

Carlos Carrasco getting ready to pitch.

How far should it go? Should we ban every logo that could be an issue. Should we take the Minnesota Vikings logo off just because it might be offending Vikings. How is this any different from the Indians logo? That is not quite clear, there are a lot of options out there that we can use.

The logos in sports aren’t going to hurt anyone but fans might feel that they are trying to hurt the image of Indians. It is very difficult to change a logo if we look at the washington football team; they haven’t even come up with a logo yet.

This is a big issue that Cleveland will have if they change their logo and it will cost a lot of money to make a new logo and take down the old logo. This decision has to be looked at hard before doing anything and has to be looked at from all angles. There are good arguments from both sides and people should try to come up with the best option.

The Cleveland logo has been talked about and it is up to the reader to make the decision. The Cleveland logo can go either way. There is no wrong opinion. It is how you view the logo and how it makes you feel. The Cleveland logo might be changed just like the Washington logo or it might stand for a while. A lot of it has to do with how well the Cleveland team is doing.

When they went to the world series it became a bigger issue than if they lost every day. The Cleveland Indians have had a lot thrown at them at the end of the day they are just a baseball team and it is just a logo so even if they take away the logo they can’t take the team.