The History of the Guitar

Noah Dimmick 9/10/2020
Eddie Van Halen with his buddies.

The guitar came around in its earliest forms during the fifteenth century. Since then, the instrument, its players, and audiences have changed drastically. When people think of guitars they might think of a beautiful acoustic guitar being played around a fire, or a sweet, crazy-looking electric guitar being shredded on stage. However, it hasn’t always been like that. The first guitars were acoustic, and a lot smaller than what we have today.

The guitars biggest spike of popularity came in the 1900s. Blues Guitarists began to become very popular in the early 50s and would go on to inspire hundreds of thousands of future musical geniuses. The guitar was the most popular instrument by the 1960s. Every popular musician at the time either played guitar or was in a band that used a guitar. The guitar revolutionized live performances as well. It made the experience much more intense for the performers and the audience.

One of the most legendary guitar players to ever live is Jimi Hendrix. He was popular in the 1960s and is considered the best electric guitar player ever. Another legend is Eric Clapton, who unlike Henrix, is still alive today. He is getting pretty old but he still plays guitar. Both of these guys were popular in the later 1900’s and are still revered today as some of the most talented musicians ever.

Jimi Hendrix playing guitar.

I play guitar myself and it is one of my favorite things to do. I loved learning how to play and then once I got good enough, learning songs that I liked. It is super fun and feels really good to get something that you have been trying to learn for awhile. I have been playing for over 3 years now and I learned a good amount by myself. I have also taken guitar lessons at different points which has been super helpful.

Modern day guitarists are mostly indie artists and some are rappers as well. For example, Post Malone plays guitar very well and uses it for many of his songs. Mac Demarco is the legend of indie music and is also a very talented guitarist. A lot of older musicians still have an influence today as well. Bob Weir From the Grateful Dead, Eric Clapton, and many more. Recently, Eddie Van Halen, a guitar legend, passed away. A lot of people were very upset because he is one of the reasons guitar became so popular.

Music and musical instruments are very powerful and important. Guitar is my personal favorite but any kind of music is necessary in a society. It helps keep people connected and expressive. I believe that a lot of songs have more of an effect on people than most famous speeches given. But, guitar is slowly dying out because it is much easier to make music on a computer than to actually learn how to play an instrument. People need to be reminded of the power of real instruments instead of making music through an online application .