Building a Better Grandview

Nicholas Sarracino 2.12.21
Image shown is the new middle school addition.

Amongst heavy weather and the seemingly relentless effects of COVID-19, construction crews around the city continue to push on shaping Grandview’s skyline. While we witness these projects growing everyday, what purpose will they serve looking forward, and what does this potentially mean for this community?

We begin at potentially the most anticipated project in recent months, with our own Grandview Heights Schools. Since its fierce vote to pass and groundbreaking in the early months of 2020, construction crews--Corna Kokosing and Elford--have made admirable progress.

Courtesy of the weekly updates and frequent hard hat videos available on the school website, viewers can receive a more in-depth look at what is happening with the new facilities. Fortunately, according to Construction Manager at Risk Jay Tedena, he’s made it clear in all the updates that this project has been on time, on budget, and most importantly, on safety.

The line that echoes over and over is “Honoring Tradition, Building Excellence”, to where we preserve our connections and past and build new memories as well. As superintendent of schools Andy Culp mentioned in an article by This Week Community news, “It is about celebrating the process and the people who brought us to this historic point.”

More prominently seen, being under the works for around a decade, is the Grandview Yard. This intended to be the place of many industrial and outdated offices, with new residential areas, office spaces, restaurants, and businesses. Some companies also have anchored the project, including Nationwide and Chick-Fil-A. As of now, Nationwide investors have started to develop the last large plot of land for office space, meanwhile, individual homes are also coming up fast. By the developments end, the Yard will house around 1,500 residents and 5,000 office workers.

The third and biggest development in town is the Grandview Crossing, or GVX. Similar to the Yard, it is a mixed use space, consisting of residential and commercial spaces, along with retailers and a hotel. This area used to comprise forestry and the former Dublin landfill. According to the projects website, occupancy on the site is expected by spring of this year. Their site also boasts a heaping 480,000 square feet of office space, 108,800 square feet of retail space, over a thousand luxury apartments, and parking garages to boot. Thrive Companies, the company behind the development, mentions how these projects “set the bar for the way we live” and how they aim to impact communities.

As far as the city and government is concerned, recent considerations have been made for the city to construct a brand-new municipal complex. The current building, constructed in 1924, has been the headquarters for the police department, fire department, and city administration for decades. The new complex would be located on Grandview and Goodale, near where the Community Center stands.

City Council President Emily explains that moving forward with this project would “give us an opportunity to provide the top-notch facility we need for our police and fire departments and administrative teams”, according to ThisWeek news. Coming at a time when the economy is somewhat normalized, and interest rates being low, some advisors claim that now is the time to act.