Covid Disrupts High School Sports

Mason Gastesi 11.24.2020
The GHHS football field was empty on some Friday nights due to covid (Photo: Google Maps).

As many of you know this year has not been a normal year. At the start of 2020 everybody thought this was going to be the year but slowly as the year started it just kept getting worse and worse.Then in February we all got introduced to covid-19. this led to a three-month-long lockdown pushing many people into online schooling and working from home but during this whole thing the big question was: What's going to happen with sports? How are they going to be able to have fans in the stadiums?

If they're going to play, what would be the protocol? There was always that question lingering over sports that nobody seemingly wanted to answer because they knew it would make a lot of people mad no matter what they thought.

Soon after professional sports teams began to start up their season there was still that question. What's going to happen to high school sports? This year has not been the same. Players aren't allowed to use the locker rooms This can make it hard to bond with the team as much as they have in past years.

In June teams were finally allowed to practice again. They would be limited to sessions with small groups and no contact for the first two months. When August came we officially entered Phase 3 which is full contact and whole team practice at once.

Like I said earlier, to be a young athlete this year is very tough because a lot of team chemistry is based off of the bonding that people create in the summer. and I don't know about other schools but at least I know here at Grandview Heights a lot of the sports teams really rely on team chemistry to make it through the season.

Some teams even had their seasons shortened like the football team. To find out what it's like to play sports during the pandemic I asked senior guard and middle linebacker Matthew Taylor to share his thoughts about the differences between last year and this year. He said, ”This year has not been normal but the biggest thing we need to focus on is teamwork and to be better as a team working on and off the field with covid going on."

This Sports season has been difficult. I know a lot of people here in Grandview Heights love to go to sporting events. Unfortunately this year, along with many other safety protocols, one of the most important ones was that each player would have a certain amount of tickets given to them to give to their loved ones or family and that was it. As a senior when I heard this decision I was pretty mad but then I quickly understood that it was for the best.

Grandview soccer player and senior Adam Bechtel offered his thoughts about the biggest let down this season. He said, “I would definitely have to say it's the fans There's something about them cheering that makes you keep going even in the hard moments."This just proves how hard it is now playing sports through this unfortunate pandemic.